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Process Assist was established with a simple premise in mind…

A Mortgage Broking business requires a significant amount of time and effort to be expended upon managerial and administrative tasks to ensure loans are written, commissions are paid and that compliance regulations are adhered to.

These tasks are necessary but can be burdensome. More importantly, they impact negatively on the core broker skills of generating leads and engaging effectively and professionally with the client.

The impact upon the brokers business is:

  • Loan applications take longer
  • Quality of applications suffer – resulting in rework and lower commission payments
  • Poor customer service
  • Missed leads – new business opportunities
  • Delayed / Lost commission payments
  • Non-compliance in accordance with lender and ASIC/ NCCP regulations resulting in the inability to write loans and receive commissions

Most brokers understand that they need support but, particularly during these uncertain times, it is difficult to commit the time, effort and expense to recruiting, training and managing staff who in turn may not be overly skilled, be unreliable, not have the dedication to be conscious of service and quality and may be difficult to retain if they are found to be unsuitable for the role.

Process Assist is here to relieve you from all the activities that distract you from growing your business. Contact Process Assist

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