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Back-office processing is an essential task that will help to ensure the smooth running of your business. Historically, efficiencies within processing tasks have often only been available to large organisations directly employing dedicated teams, but this is no longer the case.

With Process Assist, organisations of any size are able to achieve substantial improvements to their processes without experiencing the stress of managing and maintaining staff members.

Why Outsource Processing and Business Support Services?

  • Create a virtual processing team and expand your organisation with a flexible service, without the necessary overhead costs, office space, or supplies
  • Focus on your core business and have confidence that your back-office processes are being effectively managed
  • Take advantage of this low risk opportunity for expansion
  • The tasks you set are approached as a priority
  • Extend administration support hours

By outsourcing processing services , businesses can expand their core infrastructure whilst minimising cost for non core activities. Process Assist provides a flexible service, incorporating your goals and targets. We can deliver data processing and administrative services as well as other fully managed business support functions that will remove the associated manual labour and allow you and your sales staff to concentrate on specialised business activities.

We understand that some organisations can be nervous about relinquishing direct management control over their staff. Process Assist has developed a system giving the benefits of an in-house team, whilst enjoying the cost advantages and efficiencies of  an outsourcing location.

Process Assist will look after the recruitment, training and leave requirements, whilst you retain the direct day-to-day managerial responsibilities.

When you say yes to our virtual support, you can say no to:

  • Expensive payroll taxes, superannuation & insurance
  • Sick leave, annual leave & other employee entitlements
  • Additional office equipment, technology & overheads

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